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Performance marketing is focused on increasing performance. It is important to know, what performance is.

Performance here means a measurable customer action on the seller´s website. These actions (so called conversions) can include for example: order fulfilment, registrations, subscription to receive information, etc. It depends on the goal of the campaign.

This makes performance marketing easy to mesure.

Performance marketing is therefore about setting maesurable goal on your website and subsequent long-term optimalization of your web activities. 



This optimalization has two components:

First, the costumer needs to get to your site. In the optimization phase, we determine which advertising activities will make the most sense for you and lead to maximum conversion. The most used sources of traffic include Search Engine Marketing (PPC, SEO), programmatic buying and affiliate marketing.

Once the customer gets to the website, it is necessary to keep them there, preferably convert them immediately. This is where web efficiency comes in. We can inlcude user friendliness (UI and UX), persuasiveness or trustworthiness in this activity. 

Make your sales more effective today


  • Performance

    After launching marketing campaigns, you can get your first orders very soon.

  • Measurability

    You know exactly what you spent the money to the smallest detail. 

  • Total overview

    Thanks to the web analytics, you can see not only  the performance of the marketing campaign, but also the overall functionality of your site. 

  • Quick return of investment

    Your advertising investments will pay off fairly quickly.