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(PPC + Social networks)


PPC (Pay-per-click) means that you only pay if a customer clicks on your ad. You are thus in full control of your campaigns and only pay for customers who actually come to your site.

Thanks to properly set analytics and cost attribution, you can very accurately evaluate how much a customer costs you, which channel and which advertising is more profitable and which should be modified or suspended completely.

When setting up and optimizing PPC ads, we work with the following tools: Google marketing platform (Google analytics, Google ads, Google data studio...) and Sklik.


Marketing on social networks

Where do users spend the most time on the Internet? Yes, it's social media. We will help you set up ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or LinkedIn.

We can then direct customers to your website/blog, or set up lead generation directly on social networks and then use marketing automation to work further with leads.

We mainly work with these social network tools: Facebook business manager, Manychat, Octopus CRM, LinkedIn Sales navigator, LinkedIn campaign manager.

What can we do?


Remarketing is one of the most effective forms of PPC. By targeting an audience that has already shown interest in your product or service, you have a much better chance of converting. Often at a much lower cost than other digital advertising methods.

Search campaigns

Paid search is a channel with great consumer potential. Users actively search for products and services themselves, and paid search appears above normal listings in search engines.

Display campaign

We will prepare banners for banner ads. Banner campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach your target customers on the pages they are viewing. Advertising reaches your audience in the places where they spend their time and attracts them to you.

Ads on social networks

We will help you set up ads and then direct customers to your website/blog, or set up lead generation directly on social networks and then use marketing automation to work with leads further.

Web analysis

By collecting and then evaluating the data, we will optimize your website to make it as efficient as possible. We will then draw from this data when creating your internet marketing.

Conversational marketing

Don't want to answer the same questions that were already asked over 100 times? Do you want an automated flow of contacts or a short-term campaign to promote a service/product? We will create a chatbot for you. Conversational marketing can be used for all of this.

Reporting and attribution

The saying "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." is especially true in marketing. We will help you set up clear reporting so that together we can evaluate our activities and effectively optimize marketing budgets through various channels.


Shopping ads and eCommerce go hand in hand. We have tuned the strategy in these ads, resulting in high volumes of traffic and excellent conversion rates.

Content advertising

The content of an ad is very important to its success, especially in the world of PPC. The copywriters in our team know how to make a great first impression. We will create a text for you that captures the essence of your brand and turns customers into an enthusiastic audience.



  • Perfomance

    As the name suggests, the main advantage is performance. After running the ads, you will see an increase in contacts/sales almost immediately.

  • Maximum range

    Performance marketing allows you to effectively promote your products and services using multiple channels, maximizing your market reach and diversifying your audience.

  • Analytics

    Thanks to properly set analytics, you will not only learn how your advertising works, but thanks to it you can also optimize, for example, your website or your entire marketing strategy.

  • Low risk

    Performance marketing presents less risk than other types of marketing campaigns - you pay for the desired actions only after they have been achieved, and they are also much more flexible thanks to 24/7 measurement.

  • Measurability

    Success can be measured directly in the advertising provider's system (Sklik, GoogleAds, Business Manager) or via Google Analytics. You know exactly how much you invested in advertising and how much you got from it.

How do you get more contacts?
Arrange a 30min call with us where we can discuss about that.