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Marketing automation allows companies to communicate more effectively with customers. It speeds up the implementation of business processes and automates repetitive tasks.

It can help the company not only with increasing return on investment, but also with increasing the number of customers or eliminating errors caused by the human factor and saving time.

The key to success is its correct use, which you can achieve if you follow this motto:


Marketing automation tools are good to use if you need more frequent and personalized mailings.

In addition to the properties that email tools also have, several scenarios can be created and content can then be sent according to the set lead scoring, which allows you to send people content that they are really interested in and thus a much higher chance of conversion.

What can we do?

Lead management

We automate lead generation for you and then set up meaningful lead scoring that takes into account the characteristics and behavior of the customer. Thanks to this, your sales can focus on the best prospects without wasting time with dead ends.


= Customer Relationship Management. Order makes friends and we will make it for you in contacts. We will create your CRM and implement processes and strategies for you. Thus you'll have an overview of your customers and know how and at what stage to work with them.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Do you want to sell more and have more satisfied customers? Thanks to upselling and x-selling, this is exactly what happens. If you set up the automation correctly, you will sell more and the customer will leave the store satisfied with you, plus you'll also gain his loyalty.


Marketing certainly does not end with customer acquisition, customer retention is just as important, if not more important. We will automate your loyalty programs, notifications at the end of membership, or perhaps just birthday or holiday wishes.

Analysis and reporting

Thanks to dashboards and analytics
in the automation tool, you have an immediate overview of the impact your campaigns have on the customer. This way we can test and optimize your marketing and content strategies (tweak items, adjust posting times,...).

A/B testing

We can test a lot of things with A/B testing, we often use it in content creation to find out what business offers, objects, images or texts work best for your customers, but it can also help with pricing.


  • Increase in retention ratio

    Setting up loyalty programs has never been easier. In addition, thanks to automation, you can also take full advantage of upsell and cross-sell and thus build stronger relationships with customers.

  • Time saving

    Don't waste your time, energy and money on ineffective campaigns.

  • Higher conversion rates

    Automation connected to lead generation evaluates important data to make a sale.

  • Sales growth

    Thanks to automation data, you can respond to buyer signals and use organized campaigns to engage and convert them.

  • Overview in the obtained data

    The systems monitor and evaluate every operation or step a network visitor takes, so you have everything in one place.

  • Personalisation

    The right content, to the right person, at the right time and using the most effective communication channel.

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