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It is probably not difficult to deduce that email marketing uses email messages to promote a product or service. This is a direct method of sales and participent´s consent is required to send a message.

The high effectivness of email marketing is ensured by the wide possibilites of targeting and the similarity with ordinary communication, which evokes a greater sense of trust in the recipients.


Email marketing is mainly used to:

  • customer/seller relationship building
  • communication that help customers with the purchase or its completion
  • giving useful information - new blog post, newsletter, etc. 
  • brand support

To get started with email marketing, we need a database of contacts. There are a number of ways to use contacts, which depend on the options the seller has. 

We will show you, what your options are!


  • Price
    it is a low cost form of marketing

  • Measurability
    the results are easily measurable

  • Audience
    allows massive intervention

  • Automatization
    modern tools allows delivery automation  = saves time and money

  • Performance
    contributes to increasing website traffic, profits, etc.