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Tools (not only) for marketing automation and emailing


  • UX – user experience – Indicates the overall user experience/impression of the environment in which it operates.


How do we choose partners and what technologies do we want to use?

Most of the time, we acquired technology partners by solving a current problem with one of our clients. We were
looking for various solution options and after detailed analysis and testing, we always resorted to one of the possible
solutions. In the case of the compared solutions, we always, in addition to fully solving the client's problem,
always took care that:

-The solution had a sufficiently described API and could always be integrated with other client tools.

-The support was at a high level, because problems can always occur, but it is important how we manage to solve
them together with a partner.

-The partner was strong on the market and had a technologically strong background. When implementing, we always
try to make the solution long-term.

-The price for the license was in line with what the solution offers compared to competitors.

-There were plenty of positive reviews, study materials and possibly a large user community.



Marketing automation and email marketing 


Why? Hubspot is one of the most comprehensive email marketing and marketing tools ever. Thanks to the Sales hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, CMS and CRM modules, they form such an extensive tool that most business processes can be managed through it.

For whoam? – Rather for larger companies due to price or for B2B companies, where the contact and one order has great value. If you are looking for a comprehensive CRM with email marketing, analytics, call recording and lots of other features that you will remember, Hubspot is definitely a good choice. At the same time, however, it can serve as a simple CRM even for small companies, given that the basic CRM module is free.

Advanatge – Many functions in one tool, so there is no need to deal with multiple tools integrated together. Comprehensive reporting, scoring models, automation, HS databases and more.

Disadvantage – The lower tariffs have very truncated functions and you will pay extra for more advanced automation.
They are only available from the Professional version.



Why? – In terms of price performance the best marketing automation tool we work with (only our opinion goes). It is equally usable for B2C, e-commerce and B2B companies. Due to the large number of native integrations, it is possible to link it with other tools. Alternatively, a very well-described API can be used for further integrations.

For whom? – For all those who perceived the importance of email marketing and marketing automation. It will be used by both large, small and medium-sized companies due to the 4 price levels. Unlike Hubspot, it offers relatively complex automation from the lowest versions.

Advantage Great value for money, quality support and a very well-described API are the main reasons why we work with ActiveCampaign so often.

Disadvantage Some native integrations have very limited triggers and are therefore unusable. You cannot send transactional emails through it.



Why? – We only recently discovered Sendinblue, based on an extensive comparison for one of our clients, where we needed to ensure that data was stored in the EU. This tool surprised us with its complexity and speed. Another advantage is that it also handles transactional emails and its support also works very well.

For whom? – For anyone looking for a fast marketing automation tool with transactional email feature. Pricing for this tool is determined by the number of emails sent and not contacts, if the customer sends emails irregularly, Sendinblue can work out really well. Even with regular deliveries, however, the price does not stand out from the competition.

Advantage – It also offers solutions for transactional emails, custom solutions for forms and landing pages. Very well described API and one of the few European providers that fully competes with American tools.

Disadvantage – The number of native integrations is more limited than for competitors and CRM functionalities are not so complex.


Why? A simple tool for creating chatbots and automations on Messenger. Thanks to the involvement of conversational marketing, you can achieve an even stronger customer experience and streamline communication throughout the customer journey.

For whom? – For everyone who wants to revive their marketing communication and involve automated conversations on the most widespread conversation platform.

Advantage – Relatively simple operation and good price / performance ratio. In addition to messages on Messenger, it can also send simple emails and SMS

Disadvantage – It is not a full-fledged marketing automation tool, but rather an add-on to ActiveCampaign, with which it has created native integration. Another disadvantage is that the rules for sending messages on Messenger are much more complicated than sending emails.




Octopus CRM

Why? – Octopus is a tool for automating conversations and sending requests and connections on the Linkedin social network. Linkedin can be a very good environment for B2B companies to acquire new clients. For each company, Octopus can help recruit employees.

For whom? – Especially for B2B companies that have customers on the Linkedin social network. It can serve as a great lead generation tool. For companies that focus on massive recruitment, or for HR specialists who want to quickly create a database of potential candidates.

Advantage – Simple operation and at a relatively low price fulfill its purpose. It is fully compatible with Linkedin Sales navigator.

Disadvantage – Again, this is not a full-fledged marketing automation tool, but rather an add-on. Integration with most CRM is only possible from higher plans. In the Czech environment, there may be a disadvantage that the connector for Integromat is not created, but can only be integrated via Zapier.





We also rank Hubspot among CRMs because it is really a full-fledged CRM and not a marketing automation tool that
includes a CRM module. Its great advantage is the complexity and extensive database, thanks to which we can find
out a large amount of information about our corporate customer before we come into contact with him. The
disadvantage compared to competing CRM solutions may be a less clear UI and more complex control.



Why? – A simple CRM system with a great UI and at the same time plenty of functions even for demanding business teams. It offers a number of automations, bulk emailing, templates, managerial reporting and other functions that speed up the work of the business team.

For whom? – For all business teams that are looking for a simple CRM solution with very good manageability. Due to the tariff according to the number of users, the size of the sales team does not matter so much.

Advantage– Clear environment and a simple relatively onboarding traders. Possibility of setting custom workflows and reports for a good price. Large number of native integrations.

Disadvantage – You cannot create calculated fields and some more complex functions. It is not possible to send marketing emails from it, but this can be supplemented by integrating the marketing automation module


Support tools


Google marketing cloud services

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is a set of tools for small, medium and large companies that are looking for ways to
effectively use their online potential. Both freely available tools and paid options for corporations and similar large
organizations are available within this platform.


Google Analytics

Data is the most valuable thing you have in an online environment. GA allows you to set up accurate site performance
metrics and recommend which metrics are central to your business.


Google Ads

Do you want to increase the reach of your business among new customers? The Google Ads advertising system is
your first choice. Search, shopping, banner, or video ads - Google Ads lets you set up a comprehensive promotional
strategy across all formats to reach your goals.


Google Tag Manager

A modern website cannot do without external tools for measuring behavior, remarketing or e-mailing. To make the
most of these tools, you often need to embed a unique piece of code on your site so that it doesn't slow down loading
or otherwise interfere with when it's not needed. Google Tag Manager is used to deploy tracking codes and set
execution rules. If you are not sure how to work with this tool, contact us and we will advise you.



Why? – Integromat is a great tool for mutual integration of individual tools without the need for coding. More complicated work occurs if there is no connector, but even here the connector can be encoded.

For whom? – For all those who need to integrate tools with each other, but do not have an available coder. For integrations that change frequently and are awaiting stabilization, they may be rewritten directly through the API

Advantage – Relatively intuitive operation and plenty of available study materials. A very fast-growing company and a large community.

Disadvantage – With larger integrations, the solution can be relatively expensive due to operational limits.


Why? – Do you know exactly what customers do on your website? Hotjar will help you find out exactly how customers behave, thanks to screen recording and heat maps. It also serves as a tool for collecting feedback and research. It is a great tool for launching new pages and debugging UX.

For whom? - For anyone who launches a new website or e-shop and needs to tweak UX. Furthermore, for anyone who has a problem with the conversion rate on the site and is unable to identify why.


And the last one?



Why? – A comprehensive tool for project management and team management. It is also possible to set up a CRM with limited functionalities, but it serves much better to manage implementations after the deal is closed. ClickUp is very customizable and very easy to use.

For whom? – For all team sizes where it is necessary to have control over individual tasks and implementations. It can be used for both agencies and development teams. However, it is not a comprehensive substitute for ERP or MRP systems.

Advantage – Very good controllability and adaptability of the whole platform. ClickUp offers a wide range of integrations and has a well-described API. Only can compete on price/performance.

Disadvantage Trivia such as the absence of bulk emailing or the ability to customize the task layout can be easily excused.