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E-mail marketing: Facts of 2021

Email marketing is still a frequently used marketing tool in 2021. This is a priority for anyone who wants results in an online environment. Should you be one of them? More than 60% of consumers say they bought it because of the e-mail they received. Didn't that convince you? We have prepared some of the most important statistics for you,
which will show you that email marketing is a very strong channel.

Facts about subjects

Emoticons have been very popular for many years, over 5 billion emoticons are sent daily via Messenger
(source) and their use is beginning to show in emailing, even though emoticons are currently used in only 6.9% of
email items. Add an emoticon to the subject to increase the opening rate by 56%. The subject of the email is always
the first thing you see, so it's good to have the most interesting content.


We have other tips for you that can improve the subject of your email:

  • Use personalized content - emails with personalized content in the subject have 26% higher openability. If you address the reader on his behalf, you will definitely not make a mistake

  • The first 30 matter - Only the first 30 letters appear in the iPhone email application

  • Not like that! - it was found that the words "free, reminder and discount" are perceived negatively in the subject line of the email and worsen the open rate. Although these words seem like a good attraction at first glance, you should avoid them in subjects

Sample of personalized e-mail

Almost half of the emails are displayed on the mobile device

It's no secret that more and more people are opening emails on mobile devices. The explanation is simple - it's
faster, more convenient, and you save time, for example, on the way to work. For email creators, this is the only thing
- make sure your emails are sufficiently optimized for mobile devices. Insufficient functionality could deprive
you of half of potential customers.

We bring you other interesting statistics:

  • One of three - One of the three clicks in the email is done via the mobile device

  • They'll do it again a second time - If a customer has opened your email on a mobile device, there's a 23% chance he will do it again next time

  • It is not possible without optimization - 42.3% of people delete emails that are not sufficiently optimized for mobile devices


Do you use marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a unique way that can save time, worries and money. Even so, according to statistics, only
51% of companies and 47% of ma
rketers are confident that marketing automation is worth taking advantage of. We
think so too! Are you convinced of that too?

Are you ready for marketing automations?



human performance can be replaced by automation



  • Emoticon popularity
    Add an emoticon to the subject to increase the opening rate by 56%

  • Personalization
    Emails with personalized content have a 26% higher open rate

  • Mobile devices
    One of the three clicks in email is done via mobile devices, optimize your email for mobile and tablets

  • Open rate
    If a customer has opened your email via mobile device, there is a 23% chance that they will do it again next time

  • Time saving/Efficiency

    Marketing automations can replace 30 % of human performance. Don't have enough time? Use Automations!