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Marketing Automation and Mobile App - Case study Techambition

kuba“I asked Performatio to solve my problem with complex contact segmentation in our previous email tool. After introducing automated scenarios and messaging capabilities to the application, combined with CRM capabilities, Techambition has open up new posibilities and together we are creating ways of communication that we would not be able to set ourselves"

Jakub Stránský – CEO Techambition

Marketing automation with a link to the application for teachers. Use of customer behavior for
personalization and communication timing.


We met Jakub and the Techambition project in xPort at VŠE, when Jakub asked us if we would look at his email
marketing. Originally, he made e-mails from the tool, which did not allow for advanced segmentation, so the
segmentation always had to take a long time outside the tool, and subsequently an inexhaustible number of labels
was created.

Furthermore, Techambition carried out deliveries without any graphic design and worked with email marketing without
further automation or follow-up to customer behavior.

Emailing was used only for sending news without a deeper connection to business and marketing processes.



After the initial meeting, we implemented the ActiveCampaign with the client within 1 week and prepared for the
initial mailings and the initial warm-up.

During the first month, together with the IT client, we tuned the integration of ActiveCampaign with the Techambition
application and the creation of custom events. Within the tool, we set up a CRM module, among other things, so that
Techambition employees can use the tool as a CRM and, in case of identification of a “Hot Lead”, call a specific contact
at school.



Finally, we connected the application and ActiveCampaign at such a level that thanks to custom events we can
segment customers and further respond to their behavior. For example, if teachers do not use a particular part of the
application, we can cleverly remind them of this by sending an in-app message or inviting a webinar about these
features via email.

We also focused together on promoting webinars and workshops organized by Techambition. Here we used several
versions of landing pages with a registration form directly involved in other automations and reminders. Once again,
we managed everything very quickly within one week, for which we are grateful to the client, but also to the entire
team that participated in the projects.



Benefits of project

  • CRM module for hot lead mining

  • Landing pages with a form for registration for workshops

  • Automated scenarios responding to teacher behavior in the application

  • Omnichannel automation with the involvement of "Sitemessages"

  • Marketing automation tool integrated to app