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Online or offline? - Case study Intelsol

Forget the next omnichannel case study, where you can read how great to establish email communication on SMS and 
push notifications. We have taken the omnichannel to another level by linking online campaigns and physical gifts.


With our long-term client Intelsol, we solved how to reach clients during the pandemic and at the end of the year
listen to their plans for the next year so that sales representatives know what to prepare for next year and what key
data to note.

  • Unlike regular Christmas, we had to deal with the fact that many clients could not meet in person

  • It was necessary to reach clients in a fast period of time and ideally with elements of automation so that traders have time to deal with other business tasks

  • Communication had to be adapted to the pandemic



Together we have come up with a solution that perfectly combines elements of automation with personal contact.

We have created personalized email campaigns so that every client feels exceptional.

At the same time, these email campaigns were linked to personalized landing pages, again to maintain the
customer experience.

Thanks to ActiveCampaign, we were able to create emails and landing pages in one tool, thus speeding up and
reducing the whole process.

After personalized wishes, it was enough to figure out why the client should talk to Intelsol salesmen. What better
reason to have fun at Christmas than handing over a gift?

Email campaigns and landing pages have been linked to real gifts!



But what if it doesn't work personally? Together with the Intelsol distribution team, we arranged that where the gift
could not be delivered in person, the gifts were sent and the meeting was then conducted online.

But here we faced another challenge and that was how to prevent the merchant from getting countless emails with
meeting dates and starting the classic ping pong “What on Wednesday? I can't, let's go Thursday or Friday. Come on
next week… ”Especially with a large number of appointments / online calls in a short period of time, this could mean
unpleasant complications. We solved this problem again with a series of personalized landing pages and the Calendly
application, which "arranged" meetings for traders and automatically added cally to their calendars where they were
on leave.


  • 460 emails sent with advanced personalization

  • 10 personalized landing pages

  • 5 accounts in Calendly for automated appointments

  • Automated information transfer to the distribution center

  • 168 gifts given

  • 47 realized meetings or calls

  • Successful start of the next year for Intelsol

Client comment

patas“Although it was a more demanding in terms of  preparation and involvement of severals teams at once, the whole project was succesful thanks to the professional approach of Performatio. Automation worked very well and thanks to that, we arranged around 50 online meetings for sales department, which would otherwise probably not even take place.

The biggest advantage is, that the  merchants spent almost no time arraging meetings and are able to focus on other priorities and clients.

The greatest pleasure is that our clients are asking us about this project. They liked the idea and would like to use it in the future towards their clients as well.


Patrik Mádl – Head of Sales Intelsol